Biotechnology Leadership Program

The Biotechnology Leadership Program (BLP) training program differs from other training programs at Caltech. The BLP is specifically designed as a career development program that exposes students to industrially-relevant research early in their graduate careers. It also exposes them to concerns that govern commercialization of biotechnology research.

Caltech graduate students are eligible join the program after their 1st year, and typically join in their 2nd year, in a relevant graduation option.

Trainees in the BLP participate in a number of activities designed to enhance their graduate experience. These include working lunches with guests to discuss career-related topics and learn new skills, site visits to biotechnology companies in the Southern California area to broaden their networks, and a 2-3 month internship to provide hands-on experience in the biotechnology industry.

The BLP is actively inviting and recruiting international students, students from under-represented minority groups, women students, students with disabilities, mentor-supported students, and fellowship-supported students to apply for the Program.

To learn more about this unique training opportunity, please email Rosen Bioengineering Center Executive Director, .