Rosen Center Pilot Grant Awards

Rosen Bioengineering Center Pilot Research Grants provide up to $80,000 to support collaborative early-stage projects that require sharing of ideas, people and resources between labs. The goal of the program is to help teams develop strong preliminary data that will enhance their competitiveness for large, collaborative awards from external agencies like NIH, NSF, DoD and others.

This program has succeeded beyond our expectations: as of March 2017, the six projects funded in 2015-2016 have already generated 5 manuscripts (in prep or submitted), 8 conference presentations, and 10 proposals under consideration by external funding agencies.


    Title: Proving the possibility of multiplexed single-cell RNA sequencing of bacteria

    Awardees: Rustem Ismagilov and Matt Thomson

    Title: Selective killing of latently-infected CD4+ T-cells by conditionally replicating viruses that detect HIV transcripts

    Awardees: Pamela Bjorkman and Niles Pierce

    Title: Genetically encoded magnetoreceptors for noninvasive control of cellular function

    Awardees: Mikhail Shapiro, Markus Meister and Carlos Lois


    Title: Engineered viruses for large-scale targeted genetic manipulation in mice

    Awardees: Carlos Lois and Viviana Gradinaru

    Title: Constraining the mechanisms of extracellular electron transfer (EET) in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms by studying the effects of eDNA-binding on phenazine reactivity

    Awardees: Dianne Newman and Jacqueline Barton

    Title: A Miniature, wireless and implantable intraocular pressure sensor

    Awardees: Yu-Chong Tai and Azita Emami

    Title: 3-Dimensional Nano-Architectures for In-Vivo Biomedical Measurements

    Awardees: Julia Greer and Joel Burdick

    Title: Visualizing nicotine entry into midbrain dopaminergic neurons

    Awardees: Henry Lester and Changhuei Yang


    Title: Dynamic single-cell imaging of long-range physical interactions among regulatory DNA elements and target genes

    Awardees: Ellen Rothenberg and Barbara Wold

Past Rosen Research Project Awards

    Frances Arnold and Richard Murray “Systems Engineering of Microbial Stress Response”

    John O. Dabiri for graphic design services to develop visual elements for an advanced biomechanics textbook

    Chin Lin Guo “Engineering Self-assembled Tubular Systems”

    Richard Murray “Forced Response Analysis of Biomolecular Circuits”

    Richard Murray, iGEM Team funding to allow a group of Caltech undergraduate students to compete in the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition

    Rob Phiillips “Teaching at the Interface: A Vision for Quantitative Biology”

    Erik Winfree hosted the 17th International Conference on DNA Computing and Molecular Programming (DNA17) at Caltech